Adding AWS CloudWatch Monitor

After you have added Amazon AWS account, click Next.

The Add AWS CloudWatch Monitor – Step 2/2 window will open.image013

Provide a name under the Monitor Name.

Select the Monitor Group. To add a new group, click the green “+” button.

Select the AWS Regions where your Amazon services are running that you want to retrieve CloudWatch metrics for. Just click in the field and select the regions from the list. image014

Click Get Metrics to retrieve the list of CloudWatch metrics.image015

Select any metrics you want to be added to the AWS CloudWatch monitor by checking the box next to them. You can select up to 10 metrics per monitor.

After the metrics list for your selected regions is retrieved, you have a number of tools to filter the metrics you want to make it easier for you to select them.

1. Filter by service

The services list contains all the Amazon services in use by you in the selected regions.

Select any region from the list to see its metrics.


2. Text filter

Type any text in the text filter field to filter out all metrics containing it.
image0173. Filter by tag

If you’d like to monitor only certain AWS instances for a particular service, you can tag those instances that allow tagging (see for more info) from your AWS console, and then filter them by tag when setting up your AWS CloudWatch monitor.

The Keys and Values combo boxes contain all the tags that you have set in your Amazon account. Select the key-tag value pair that you would like to set filter for.

When you apply any of the aforementioned filtering and select metrics in the filtered list, the selection is persistent: if you clear the filter, the metrics will stay selected. Use the kinds of filtering you want and select the metrics to be added on the monitor.

Use Reset to clear all filters.

To view only your selected metrics, click View selected metrics.

When you have selected all the metrics you want, click Add to add the AWS CloudWatch monitor to your Monitis dashboard.

Wait for the first data to be loaded to the monitor (approximately 5 minutes).image020

Metrics Naming

The following is the naming convention for CloudWatch metrics in your Monitis monitors:

AWS.[Service Name].[Region Name].[Resource ID].[Metric Name]

Data Latency

Amazon CloudWatch makes metric data available with a 5-10 min latency, and as polling interval in Monitis CloudWatch monitor is 5 min, there can be overall up to 15-20 min delay in receiving your metrics, and as a result the same delay in receiving alerts.