Adding a manager-jmx User Role in Tomcat

You need to create a “manager-jmx” role in Tomcat to enable Monitis retrieving data for populating the Tomcat monitor’s metrics values.

With Tomcat installation you will have all documentation to help you define user roles.
In Tomcat5 and Tomcat6 it was possible to define one manager role for accessing all applications. In Tomcat7 you need to define separate roles for accessing applications, so you will need to create a separate manager-jmx role if you don’t have one.


Note that if you already have the manager or manager-jmx role on your Tomcat, it can be used for the Monitis Tomcat monitor instead of creating a new one.

To add manager-jmx role, go to your Tomcat installation folder and open the tomcat-users.xml file under \Tomcat7\conf.
Add rows 38-39 in your file as shown on the screenshot.

Save your changes.

Important: you will need to restart Tomcat service for the changes to take effect.

You will need the manager-jmx role credentials in Monitis to provide them in the Tomcat monitor’s setup wizard.


You can now login to Tomcat and see your data with the user credentials you have just created.

Type http://localhost:8080/manager/jmxproxy in your browser.
Login: tomcat-jmx Password: tomcat-jmx

From this page Monitis Tomcat monitor will be retrieving the metrics information.


Important: make sure that tomcat/webapps/manager directory exists in your current Tomcat installation.

Note: with Tomcat 5.5 and 6.0 you will need to perform a small additional setup (enable JMX) to enable monitoring of the Uptime, Committed Heap Memory and Used Heap Memory metrics.