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Cloud monitoring
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Cloud monitoring

The development of a complete service-oriented IT infrastructure requires a number of components, one of the most important of which is system monitoring. Centralized control of the IT infrastructure has always been a prerequisite for efficiency and timely troubleshooting, but the importance of monitoring increases in cloud computing. A tool for monitoring the quality of service, based on clear metrics and standards, is an essential component of any cloud based system.
We have cloud monitoring, alerts and reports on popular cloud providers, including
Amazon ®, Rackspace ®, and GoGrid ®,- and we're continually adding others.

Monitis Cloud Monitoring Services - Smart Monitoring of Virtual Servers

Monitoring a complex IT infrastructure environment is not an easy task and most of the time requires simultaneous use of multiple applications. Our cloud service monitoring tool greatly simplifies server monitoring and localization of failures in real time.
From a service standpoint Monitis offers virtually all of the necessary solutions for monitoring. Monitis Cloud Monitoring is a tool for monitoring the cloud, designed to monitor the health and performance of private cloud infrastructure. Our cloud monitoring tool collects data on cloud services and can monitor web servers, networks, platforms, a large number of operating systems, applications, databases, and mail servers - making sure everything is operating at optimum level.
By integrating your cloud provider with Monitis, you will have access to a single standardized graphical report, which is intuitive and works in your web browser without having to install any additional agents. Sign up for Monitis 15 day free trial today and enjoy the flexibility of customized notifications, user- rules and much more.