How to buy SMS

This opportunity is provided to all users using different plans. You will find “Buy SMS” item in the Tools section of your menu as it is shown in the screen shot below. After clicking on this item you will be presented with the following pop up.


Current balance shows the number of the used SMSs out of the available ones. Total number of the available SMSs consists of free SMSs allocated each month corresponding to each plan and purchased SMSs. Expiration date of free SMSs is one month which means that even if you didn’t use all the allocated free SMSs within the month period they can not be accumulated.  The next month you will have the same number of the available free SMSs as in previous months. The purchased SMSs don’t have any expiration date and can be used as long as you’re subscribed to our service.

To make a purchase just input the number of SMSs you will like to buy(minimum number of SMSs that can be purchased is 20). When changing the number in SMSs field the total price will be calculated automatically and will be shown in Total Price field. When you’re finished with this step, the only thing left is to make a payment using PayPal. Just click on the Order button and in a few seconds you will be redirected to PayPal. After successfully proceeding with payment, refresh your page and check you Current Balance – it should be increased by the number of your purchased SMSs.