Benefits of Real Time Monitoring

There’s nothing more irritating than trying to access a website online and being met with that annoying little Error 404 page. Also think of all the times you are not getting your mail from the website because your servers are down. Now imagine a solution when as soon as something goes wrong or a site begins experiencing problems, you can monitor them in real time.


Real time monitoring is essentially a web application in the cloud that allows you or your IT department to monitor in real time any glitches or problems that may arise with your site. It then enables you to respond to the problems right away. The reason why real time monitoring is so important today is because you can easily adjust your resources if needed based on traffic and it is perhaps one of the most effective ways of protecting a company’s digital assets and utilities.


It also happens to be one of the most affordable. If you’re choosing a real time monitoring service, you should look for a program that is able to check your site using the following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FSTP, FTP and FTPS.  It is also advisable to use a service that offers data recording and statistics. Statistics and analytics are important because you have information on downtime—this can be helpful in deciding whether or not you’re with the right hosting service. The image below shows a dashboard of a premium service from Monitis that offers all kinds of website monitoring solutions; like cloud, database, server, transaction, network, uptime, response time, you name it.



Dashboard Demo 2




Benefits of real time monitoring




If you are managing a rich e-commerce website, it is crucial that your server runs fast and is optimized at all times. During issues like downtime, real time monitoring comes into play as it helps you identify and rectify the problem as it unfolds. Otherwise you may imagine the consequences. For example, your clients will get bored and obviously buy somewhere else. Real time monitoring helps optimize decision-making for your sales, customer services, manufacturing etc.




If your site is in its infancy or beta testing stage, live or real time feedback is a treasure. It is of big importance in making those tweaks and changes that turn a good website into a great website. Real time server monitoring enables you to capture and analyze this feedback before it has a chance to harm your business.


Employee Productivity


Network monitoring increases overall employee productivity as well. With the risk of the network downtime minimized, employees have more time to communicate and complete their assigned tasks on time. Network monitoring systems keep an eye on all data transfer from the company; helping to prevent any unauthorized data transfer by identifying it quickly.




If your server has problems that prevent emails from being properly delivered, you are virtually missing out on business meetings and opportunities, which in this fast paced world, will not wait around for you. With real time monitoring you will have immediate and full access to the status of your email service and if it is up and running as it should be. You will be able to check the status of your servers using the POP3, SMTP or IMAP protocols. In short, it keeps your email system in prime condition.