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Top 6 best practices for fine-tuning your Apache performance

Most folks in IT are familiar with Apache at some level. It’s an open source web server, created in 1999 and maintained by a community of developers under the guidance of the Apache Software Foundation. Based on the latest numbers Apache is used by 56.8% of all the websites, followed by Nginx (25.0%) and Microsoft IIS… Read the full post
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Why the Financial Services Industry Relies on Monitis

Just like the rest of the business world, the internet has drastically changed how the financial services industry functions and survives and makes money. If you were to look back not too many years ago it would seem like the dark ages as compared to today. To do your banking you walked into the local… Read the full post

7 ways to leverage your IT data

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Data, data, and more data. It’s all we hear about anymore. Everywhere you turn today businesses are talking about their challenges with how to collect, prepare, analyze, and visualize various types of complex data. By the way you hear them talk, you’d think that data is gold. Well, actually, data is a major asset, and… Read the full post

Top Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Turn to Monitis

Healthcare and IT

Years ago when you went to see your doctor or dentist, or went to a hospital for a procedure, everything was on paper. You filled out paper based insurance forms and then your paper files were pulled so that your caregiver had all the information they would ever need. These were the dark ages of… Read the full post

Is your APM strategy current?


The consumerization of IT and the integration of BYOD throughout the enterprise in recent years has made the customer king. And this means the end-user experience has become critical. The latest figures show that if your site doesn’t do a full page load in 3 seconds or less, then your customers will leave and abandon you and… Read the full post

NoSQL vs. SQL: what you need to know


The Big Data explosion in recent years has spawned a number of new platforms, tools, and technologies for dealing with the volume, variety, and veracity of unstructured data. One of the most popular technologies to hit the stage has been NoSQL. This is a technical term that means either “No SQL” or “Not only SQL.” As… Read the full post