• Front end to back end website monitoring

    Monitor your websites, servers, applications and more... anytime from anywhere

No software

No software to buy or look after. Just get online, signup and you are up and running in 3 minutes. Access your monitoring anytime from anywhere. Non-stop visibility 24/7/365.

Unified dashboard

Website uptime and response time, Server health, Network performance, Custom metrics, and more It's fast, intuitive and easy. Customize the display and view your data the way you want.

Instant alert

Take the full control of your alerts. Set your triggers and get instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or phone, whenever something is wrong. Our datacenter will alert you, even if your network is down.

Open API

Do you have unique monitoring needs? Our service is designed for hassle-free customization. With the easy-to-use API and ready-to-use custom monitors and plugins, we can monitor it whatever it is.


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How is Monitis perfect for you?

How is Monitis perfect for you?

Business Executives

You know that every second of website downtime or slow performance costs money or impacts your brand. Insure that you can spot the problems before your clients do!

IT Specialists

Love being the master of your company's IT universe but hate the stress of knowing that you don't know what you don't know?

Service Providers

Are you an IT consultant, ISP, ISV, Web developer, or Web designer? Then welcome to a whole new revenue stream!

All that you need from your monitoring

Real-time views, interactive charts

Display the monitoring data the way you want.

Detailed reports

Daily, weekly or monthly reports with the key info about your monitors.

Custom plans & pay per usage

Build a plan to fit your needs. Starting from $5/month.

World class support

We speak English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and more.

Free tools

Visual Traceroute, Instant ping, Network calculator and more.

Frequent checks – as short as 1 minute

Test your website as often as every minute!

Worldwide locations

More than 30 strategic monitoring locations.

Monitoring history

Archived performance history is stored for 2 years

Sub-accounts and multiple users

Create sub-accounts for your team members at the access level you need.

Shared monitors, shared reports

If you can monitor it, now you can share it.

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What our clients say:

We use Monitis to monitor the performance and availability of our websites from different locations. Monitis is easy to set up and the Monitis team provides great customer support. I can fully recommend this service!

Paul Rehrl
Porsche Informatik

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